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My wife bought a $50 gift card from his website and gave it to me for x-mas. I tried to use it 9 months later (the SAME year) and it said expired. I've emailed him multiple times and he won't allow me to use the $50 that my wife gave him. His response was that it "expires in 6 months". Thats just theft in my book. Any reasonable seller would have extended my gift card. It's not like it was a gift card from years ago. AND I've spent over... Read more

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Ive made 3, $150 frag orders from this guy. I must say the frags are nice in quality overall. However I have noticed he likes sending me some of the same exact types of corals, like zoanthids when i order a variety of zoanthids. In other words, I got a couple different zoas and he sent me 2 frags of the same kind...I realized it wasnt a coincidence after it happened 3 *** times... Not happy at all, this guy is a rip off. Read more

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This site almost like one site from florida (RR),price is very good but they are very tricky ! They always have coupon for 40% off regular price but when you trying to get the best pieces and they think they wont make any crazy profit,they will take out the corals from your shopping shop and told you that the pieces is sold and when you come back when the sale is over . You will find your pieces there back again with regular prices. They dont... Read more

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This is an e-mail I received from him after telling him that I escalated the case on PayPal b/c he was being a troll. "Your card is charged that second and we are charged the fees. Your order was already picked and bagged not even ten min after we got your order. The fact is you wasted our time and made a d.i.c.k. move of opening a case before even questioning us. Why would we want to treat you nicely if your treating us like s.h.i.t. without... Read more

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So I've ordered from them before, and the corals were dirt cheap. They had fruitloops for 5 dollars for a 8-10 polyp frag. Rasta look a likes and all the sorts of zoanthids for dirt cheap. That was 4-5 years ago. I tried placing an order today, and the prices were up a little bit, but he had had a sale the past few days for 31% off or free express shipping on orders over $131. However, his site was down last night, so I e-mailed him today at... Read more

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This piece of *** is the worst chop shop in the entire industry. He sells dirty coral with every pest imaginable and has an even dirtier personality. His customer service is terrible and his communication is worse. He cannot do simple math and ships fresh cut garbage coral mounted on some of the cheapest frag plugs I've ever seen. Almost every frag I purchased either had to be thrown away because it was DOA or died within a week of being in... Read more

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Wish I would have read the reviews online before doing an order. Ordered 10 corals at a price that was (apparently) too good to be true. Corals arrived in a home made box with very thinwall insulation, heat pack was smashed and wet with all attempts made at making the box smaller to conserve shipping costs. Box had holes in it as well. Now to the corals... from the photos it was evident these were fresher cuts. But I hoped the corals would... Read more

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I have ordered with Mr. Salty for years now, and have endured the obnoxious amount of photos he sends out of his daughter and poor customer service for long enough now. I don't need to spend too long belaboring this point, so I will attempt to be brief. The coral may be cheap, but you are taking a risk when ordering from him. Most of these he frags himself and will ship the next day, offering no time for the coral to recover. Like the previous... Read more

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I've purchased a lot of coral from a lot of sellers and vendors in the last few years. This is the first negative feedback I've given. Typically I stay away from the "Chop Shop" type vendors that are obviously turning a quick profit on recently acquired purchases from wholesalers, but every once in a while something catches my eye that Mr. Salty puts up. In this last group of chalices and zoa colonies he put up I saw an interesting zoa that I... Read more

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