Wish I would have read the reviews online before doing an order. Ordered 10 corals at a price that was (apparently) too good to be true. Corals arrived in a home made box with very thinwall insulation, heat pack was smashed and wet with all attempts made at making the box smaller to conserve shipping costs. Box had holes in it as well.

Now to the corals... from the photos it was evident these were fresher cuts. But I hoped the corals would be frags from colonies that were allowed to heal and recover from import. Instead it was immediately apparent the seller had hacked up wild colonies with dead and dying sponges, in an effort to quickly flip the frags before losses happened on his dime.

Dipping the corals also revealed asterina stars and a possible zoa eating nudibranchs.

Unfortunately in this world it seems you get what you pay for and saltcritters.com does not have the time nor energy to provide quality corals for the price they charge. Some may find this a bargain, but most will find this business to be an expensive lesson in economics. Trying to appeal to the owner will only lead to frustration and promises of credit on future orders.

Best of luck to all the reef hobbyists out there, from my experience your money is best spent elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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