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I have ordered with Mr. Salty for years now, and have endured the obnoxious amount of photos he sends out of his daughter and poor customer service for long enough now. I don't need to spend too long belaboring this point, so I will attempt to be brief.

The coral may be cheap, but you are taking a risk when ordering from him. Most of these he frags himself and will ship the next day, offering no time for the coral to recover. Like the previous complaint, if there is any issue (even if it is on their end) he will NOT fix it in a way that is fair to the consumer.

I have sent him multiple emails over the months/years and the responses are always the same. Mr. Salty will never admit a mistake he or his wife makes, they would rather count you off as just another pissed off customer. I have gotten some great frags out of him, but the hassle is not worth the pay-off.

Also, the photos make the coral appear much larger online than what you will receive. So yes, you are receiving a $15 frag (plus $40 shipping), but you are receiving a fraction of the amount of coral you would receive at your local fish stores or even other vendors online.

Stay away from Mr. Salty

Review about: Saltcritters Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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All the corals i have gotten from him have been great. *** happens and they are only human and mistakes do happen but they have alwasy made it right for me.

If your nice to him he's nice back. Be an *** and well you get the idea. Love the pictures of his Kid.

Makes me feel good buying from a family company. Frags have alwasy been as pictured for me....

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